Cross-country skiing: it’s about escape, discovering the mountain differently, a different feeling of gliding: the freedom to ski away from the busier slopes! BSki School Morzine will be happy to introduce you to the pleasure of cross-country skiing and will take you to discover small, snowy paradises.

[EXCURSION], noun. A long walk.
[OUR JOB] To let you discover the ski area differently!

Discovering the mountain differently

Cross-country skiing requires a good level of skiing skills, good physical condition and suitable equipment. One of the objectives of cross-country skiing is to go up… to be able to go down! Take the time for contemplation, to each one their goal:

  • The taste of effort 
  • Reaching the peaks
  • Search for a virgin slope 
  • Getting to the heart of nature 
  • The pleasure of being far from ski lifts

Adventures in the Portes du Soleil…

Choosing cross-country skiing means discovering breathtaking natural spaces! Going against the grain of skiing on groomed slopes, the marked trails are left aside to go on an adventure on other, less frequented parts of the ski area. We will have to take up the challenge of climbing in “skins” but once the hardest part is done, you feel such happiness! Discover unprecedented panoramas and incredible sensations during off-piste descents.

The little added bonus ?

A souvenir video to commemorate these precious moments of effort and satisfaction!

Key info

  • HOW MANY PEOPLE? From 1 to 6 people (more on request) 
  • WHAT LEVEL? Good physical condition, good level of skiing 
  • WHO? Group, family, solo, couples, friends, colleagues, etc. 
  • WHAT? Let’s build a tailor-made project! 
  • HOW? Cross-country skiing requires specific and lightweight equipment: the famous seal skins! 
  • WHEN? Half-day or full-day outing
BSki, cours de ski, Morzine-Avoriaz