Are you taking advantage of a holiday in the mountains to introduce your little ones to the joys of skiing? Discover private lessons for children! With more than 20 years of experience in teaching skiing to children of all ages and all levels, you can entrust your little ones to BSki School instructors with every reassurance!

[LEARNING], noun. First lessons, first attempts.
[OUR JOB] Guiding your little ones in their first steps on the snow!

Tailored education

Private lessons for children are the right way to ensure rapid progress and 100% adapted teaching! It also means enjoying comfort and flexibility in the planning of family holidays. During children’s private lessons, our instructors do everything possible to build and maintain the confidence of the young learners with a fun and educational approach. Balance games are often used to gradually discover the first sensations of gliding. Finally, our instructors place safety at the heart of their teachings by ensuring the right behaviours are adopted to protect the children’s safety, and that of others on the slopes!

Infos clés

  • HOW MANY? From 1 to 6 people (more on request)
  • WHEN? Whenever you want, from 1 hour to a full day (recommended session duration: 2-3 hours)
  • WHAT LEVEL? Beginner to expert
  • WHO? Kids and teenagers, from 5 to 17 years old
  • WHAT? Let’s build a tailor-made project!
  • WHERE? Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets…
  • HOW? Skiing or snowboarding
BSki, cours de ski, Morzine-Avoriaz

Medals and even a video!

Because we know how important symbols of progression are in building confidence among children, BSki School makes sure to celebrate small and big victories: medals, certificates, etc.

After 6 hours of lessons, your child will even be able to leave with a video filmed by GoPro and edited by us, in order to keep a lasting memory of their progress on the slopes.